Arise High Spin Pickleball (Lime)

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  • True Flight Technology
  • Excellent Durability
  • For Outdoor and Indoor Play
  • USAPA Approved under "Niupipo" brand
  • USA Standard 40-Hole Outdoor Balls] These pickleball balls have been approved by the USAPA for Tournaments. Each ball weighs 0.056 lbs with a 2.95' diameter to conform to the official USA pickle ball standards. These pickleball balls are designed for most ages and are suitable for outdoor sanctioned tournament play. It’s a great choice to choose these niupipo pickleball balls.

  • [Rotational Molded One-Piece Construction] The surface of the outdoor pickleball balls is a complete surface without visible joints, making them longer-lasting pickle balls that resist dents and cracking while maintaining the uniform bounce. No matter which surfaces touch the ground, niupipo pickleball balls can reach the same bounce height.

  • [Good Balance & High Elasticity] In each of the pickleball balls are 40 precision-drilled holes all across from top to bottom, which is designed to minimize wind interference and air resistance, giving the pickleball balls outdoor a perfectly balanced flight and tight, reliable spin with every hit. In addition, the high elasticity of our pickleballs mainly comes from high-quality materials and precise processing.

  • [Durable with High-Quality Material] These pickleball balls use high-quality materials that offer greater durability and resist splitting, which makes them long-lasting without deformation. These outdoor pickleball balls can withstand repeated hits for a long time while being suitable for any court.

  • [High Visibility for Easy Hitting] These outdoor pickleball balls with eye-catching green colors makes the outdoor pickleball balls easier to spot, be it day or night, and lets you hit back quickly on the court. Getting a great high-quality pickle ball helps you win at the beginning.