On-the-Go Bands Workout Program
On-the-Go Bands Workout Program

On-the-Go Bands Workout Program

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Program Focus:

  • Strengthen and maintain muscle mass using resistance bands and bodyweight workouts
Duration: 4 Weeks, start whenever you want.

Frequency: 5 times per week, up to 20 minutes per workout

Experience Level: Beginner

Are you seeking for a quick and efficient solution to maintain strength and fitness? Introducing 
"On-the-Go Bands", the best exercise program made for people like you who lead busy lives!

Resistance bands are the lightweight, portable alternative to large gym equipment for muscular toning. Utilizing only your bodyweight and resistance bands, On-the-Go Bands allows you to build and maintain muscular mass.

The program lasts for 4 weeks, allowing you plenty of time to observe noticeable changes in your total strength. The best thing is? There is no need to wait for a certain start date; you may begin anytime you choose.