NEW! 6-Week Online Youth Fitness Program (6-12 year-olds)
NEW! 6-Week Online Youth Fitness Program (6-12 year-olds)

NEW! 6-Week Online Youth Fitness Program (6-12 year-olds)

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🌞 🕶It's time for summer break and it's important to keep our kids active every day for their physical growth as well as mental growth. It can be a lot of effort for parents to get their kids exercising, which is why we are now offering an easy solution for busy parents.

🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️With the Youth Fitness Program delivered through the Arise Health app, your children from ages 6-12 can workout according to a professionally designed plan to maintain their cardiovascular fitness and support muscle growth. It will also instill an important habit of exercising on a regular basis.

The late childhood stage is from 6-12 years old and it is a golden period for children to grow physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is the prime opportunity to help your children improve their strength and athletic ability. Children continue to grow steadily as reach their pre-teen years and the biggest and last growth spurts is usually during puberty for both boys and girls. However, compared to their early childhood years when they experience tremendous growth spurts, their growth rate in the pre-teen years actually slows down before puberty and that means fat starts to accumulate more than muscle. Overweight children also may have slower growth in height. Importantly, if a sedentary lifestyle is encouraged in this phase of childhood, that habit could stick with them until adulthood.

What you get:

- Customized training program on the Arise Health App, available on both Android and iOS

- Customized meal plan

- Unlimited 2-way messaging with your coach at any time

Sign up for your child today and help them learn active living habits for life!