Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence 1-on-1 Online Coaching

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Your health is comprised of more than physical health. We are all beings with emotions and how well we interact with the world around us with our emotions has significant ramifications to our performance in our professional and personal areas of life.

To be emotional intelligent is to possess the skill to be able to identify your primary and secondary emotions as well as others. The level of self-awareness and other-awareness each person has affects one's level of emotional intelligence.

In this 8-Week online live coaching program, you will:

- learn to identify and name your primary and secondary emotions, 

- learn how to process your emotional data in a framework that will improve your relationships with friends, family, and colleagues

- stop letting your emotions take over and sabotage your future success whether in weight loss, work, and love life.


- 8 x 45 minutes coaching on Zoom video calls over 8 weeks

Don't let your emotions master you. Take the step to master your emotions today by signing up with this very special offer.