Black Yellow PICKLETECH 4.0 Slim Version Portable Pickleball Nets Outdoor or Indoor Game Black Yellow 22 FT Pickleball Net-USAPA Regulation Size-Pickle Ball Net System with Carrying Bag

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Installed at Thawsi School, Bangkok
Pickleball at Thawsi School, Bangkok
Pickleball at Thawsi School, Bangkok
Pickleball at Thawsi School, Bangkok

Lighter materials are used and is more portable, while taking into account strength, sturdiness and durability. This net meets the official Pickleball size regulation.
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE TECH-Innovative use of non-slip rubber sleeves on the base port,Greatly enhance the stability of the pickleball net, it will not move easily

  • ELASTIC MESH WITH STRETCH-The bottom of the new generation net uses elastic mesh belt, ensuring net maintain stable shape

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE-The completely freestanding structure is super easy to assemble in 5 minutes, Simply slot together with Interlocking-Buckle System to assemble a super strong pickleball game net, No assembly tools required.

  • PORTABLE 600D CARRY BAG-PICKLETECH 4.0 Slim Version Portable Pickleball Net come with a sturdy zippered 600D Oxford fabric carrying bag. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:FREE RETURN FOR 60 DAYS.



 "The best portable net I've ever seen. Well engineered. Easy to assemble. Exceptionally powder coated. Quality net. Simply put, this is without a doubt the best portable pickleball net I've seen.

Probably the most intimidating thing about this net is the number of parts you'll find in the well-made carrying case, but once you get familiar with the assembly sequence, you'll be enjoying a sturdy yet light weight net ready for even the most competitive games.

The (incredibly well) powder coated frame snaps together with interlocking buttons creating satisfyingly secure connections. They're the types of snaps that will make your thumbs hurt during disassembly, but you'll be the happier for it knowing this frame will not come apart during use.

The net is regulation size, which I absolutely love, and ready to set-up on any flat surface with its non-slip rubber base. This is a net that will whether hundreds of games for years to come. Disassembly is easy (save for some sore thumbs) and the whole kit packs up in the travel back without a lot of shoving or rearranging.

Overall, this is a fantastic net if you love pickleball. Perfect for a pick-up game in your back yard, on the street, at a park, or wherever you want to hit the ball around. Couldn't recommend it more."